Green Atlas Tree

Green Atlas Tree – a company with tradition and honesty
Green Atlas Tree is one of the most well-established family owned private companies with more than 5 decades of working as a
supplier, manufacturer, and worldwide exporter of Iranian Dried fruits, Edible nuts and Saffron. The KOMLAKH Family started their
activities as a small commercial firm in the field of dried fruits, then it founded “Sabzeh Iran Co . Ltd” in 1969into Iran’s leading
supplier based in Tehran. Now, the Komlakh family continues their export under the name of “Green Atlas Tree Co Ltd” as a main
office in Tehran and “Komlakh Group s.r.l” as a branch in Rome, Italy . Green Atlas Tree achieves an ISO 9001-2008 , ISO 22000 – 2005 & ISO 10002-2004

Green Atlas Tree – Best quality And Consumer Satisfaction is our
Product quality and customer satisfaction are the top priorities for Green Atlas. Regular visit to the harvesting regions and careful
selection of certified farmers guarantee the best quality of goods and product safety. Every individual batch goes through a series of precisely defined inspections before Green Atlas will clear to export. Moreover we maintain fully automated plants and factories with competent quality control systems, taking every precaution that the quality of our goods be the BEST. We take pride in having the most satisfied and loyal customers.

Green Atlas Tree – committed partner in trade and business The Green Atlas is regarded by consumers as sympathetic and fresh while also traditional and reliable. The team supports customers from primary product selection and production to delivery and placement onto the market. The Green Atlas recognizes that the customers are
individual companies with unique and distinctive needs, striving against their own competition for success and survival. It is clear that in order to succeed we must raise our expectations of quality,
performance, and mutual support. We know our customers will judge us by performance, not only by our words and we strive to be
deserving of their trust.

Green Atlas Tree – stands for the best quality of crops
With many long years of relation with the best crop growing
farmers and consistent controls, Green Atlas guarantees the best and top class products. In all seasons the products are stored in our
warehouses at ideal temperature and if necessary are subjected to gentle and precautionary exposure to protective gas. Moreover,
all products will be fumigated two times before loading.

Green Atlas – more/greater diversity more/greater choice
The range of Green Atlas’s Dried fruits and Nuts extends from all kind of Raisins such as Golden raisins, Sultanas raisins, Sun-dried raisins and all kinds of Dates such as Pitted & Un-pitted to all kinds of
Pistachios in-shell and Pistachios Kernel, all kind of Salt and Saffron.

Green Atlas – deliver products to every customer’s interested
In all over the world, those customers looking for the highest quality of Iranian Dried fruits and Nuts at the most favorable price, Green Atlas delivers full trucks and containers loads directly from origin to clients in any country in any continent. We have been able to export tens of thousands of our products to more than 40 countries from far East to America.